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CrossHelmet X1 <20% off!>

$1,799 $1,439

  • Holiday pricing!
  • CrossHelmet X1 (Luster Black) with Clear Visor

Premium Pack <20% off!>

$2,376 $1,900

  • Holiday pricing
  • CrossHelmet X1 (Luster Black) with Clear Visor
  • Hardware Extension installed allows for rearview recording (accessible by USB-C)
  • Photochromic Visor Add-on
  • Cross Control Gloves (capacitive touch)

CrossHelmet X1 NKD <20% off!>

$599 $479

The CrossHelmet X1 NKD is a celebration of our flagship design! The NKD comes without the price of the electronics integration, but with all the design and external safety features of the standard CrossHelmet X1. The NKD is an affordable bare helmet system so you can ride in style and comfort.

Please be aware that the NKD version does not include the Head-Up Display, Camera, Safety LEDs, Audio System, Bluetooth Integration, or Touchpanel.

Photochromic Visor


Photochromic visors reacts to UV light. In dark conditions, the visor is clear, and in bright conditions, the visor becomes tinted.